Good Morning everybody! it is Friday and i am feeling oddly refreshed. Only on Fridays i can be tired but completely awake(as seen in the picture above), can anyone else relate? To non-muslim people you might not have heard of the term Barakah, some Muslims may not even have heard about it. That is okay, … Continue reading BARAKAH (ABUNDANT BLESSINGS)


Celebration Station

Third week back at uni and sadly i have not missed it one bit. Maybe it's the fact that i know i am leaving soon or maybe it is because the past two weeks have been filled with birthday and engagement celebrations. Yes, engagement. to those of you who do not follow any of my … Continue reading Celebration Station

The age of “back then things were different”

Often when I was younger my mom would tell me to come inside early and like any child I sadly walked into my house. I would watch through the window as my friends played their last few minutes outside. Few more weeks till I am no longer a teenager and it scares me a little. … Continue reading The age of “back then things were different”