Peppermint: A review

Hi lovely people! Today we will take a look at peppermint. Let me start off by saying if you are a 90's kid, you must have seen or heard about Alias, the spy series which features Jennifer Garner. This is why her role in peppermint is only fitting. Peppermint was enjoyable because of its gripping … Continue reading Peppermint: A review


BumbleBee: A review

Hello everybody! Today, as you can see, i will be doing a review on the new Transformer movie, Bumblebee. The movie is set in the 80's before the transformer series started and it looks at how they came to be on earth. Set in the 80's is all i needed to hear before watching this … Continue reading BumbleBee: A review

Second Act: A review

We all in this together as genie's in a bottle! Hey everyone! Welcome back Again, Second Act was my Christmas movie of the year, We started this little tradition of going on movie dates on 25 December every year and it was only fitting to choose this family film. Second Act is a heart warming … Continue reading Second Act: A review